how many feet do i have to put down

i’m tired of living in a world of morons
because of morons
i have to click an extra bar informing the person
who JUST set a video to play full screen
that they just set a video to play full screen

because of morons
we have “soft returns” in text entry
since they could not figure out that
in computer typing you don’t hit
return and let the program determine
line breaks

because of morons
we have to have things like seat belt laws
laws for driving with cellphones
laws against driving drunk
laws against poisoning yourself…

because of morons
every program asks me if i actually want to close it

because of morons
crosswalk countdown signs don’t actually give
you enough time to cross a road unless you run

because of morons
shopping carts are broken or filled with trash

because of morons
i get my time wasted
i get my money wasted
i get my LIFE wasted

i want a world without morons

trust me ….

if i ever commit suicide
my suicide note won’t contain regrets
or how i should have done better and how
i just can’t stand to live any longer …. NO!

my note will say you all are just too stupid
and i’m tired of how stupid everybody is
i’m sick of a world that bows and bends
to achieve mediocrity in all things…

i just can’t take it anymore
you all are just too dang stupid for me to put up with …

that’s what i would say in a suicide note
a final good-bye

would be ME saying “THANKS FOR NOTHING!”
the diction in newspapers goes down 3 grade levels every year
pretty soon they will be talking in goo-goos and ga-gas

oh the world is owned by morons!
i can’t stand it

it’s like intelligence never mattered
it’s like we took the least common denominator
and blew it up into a giant cross for everyone to bear…
carved paths going to a future that just
becomes more absurd

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3 Replies to “how many feet do i have to put down”

  1. Thank heavens Eileen…thought I was alone with my thoughts along these lines! I saw an electric pencil sharpener that had a warning label on it cautioning injury if one were to stick their finger in the hole while it is operating! Consumer products are plastered with warning stickers, even permanently affixed to the back side of sun visors in cars…everywhere. Life a toilet lid…another sticker! Your comments here are spot on! I do a fair bit of walking in the city and lo and behold your comment about the timing of the pedestrian cross walk signals at intersections – I get one stride into the intersection and the amber hand pops up and you hear that incessant coo coo bird noise (with all due respect to those it is intended for)…move it or lose it!

    So here we are three feet into the intersection and we’re out of time, meanwhile vehicle drivers intending to turn across our path are hitting the accelerator and the horn at the same time and yapping at us to get out of their way! Incredulous! So where does that leave the elderly and disabled?

    It’s all like an insidious disease. Spend a few minutes on the social networks online and you’re sure to froth over the stupidity. Life is short and yet there you have it…trollers everywhere sniffing out their next morsel to digest or regurgitate. Small wonder humans have such a horrible fixation on electronic gizmos in this day…can no longer think for themselves so they mute out and lock in to…yes, more stupidity! How’s that for a happy?!

    Even better is the fact that there are (even bigger morons??) sitting behind desks the world over thinking up fresh and snappy new ways to confuse and frustrate further…and get paid rather handsomely for it!

    Please don’t plan to exit this world for, clearly, there is a severe shortage of thinkers in this world. Besides, there are laws against that ya know!

    I’m starting to believe we’re all part of some huge experiment…aliens from a distant galaxy observing the insanity thinking it’s high time to pull the plug.

    Enjoyed this.

    1. thanks so much, Don. i’m not going anywhere anytime soon, but am beginning to reach my limit on how much stupid i can take! and you hit on the crux of the matter, what intelligence people have is being used to invent cute new ways to frustrate and block paths of efficiency. suits that are only interested in impressing a boss with no consideration for how much time wasted they put on others. it’s spiraling out of control and part of much larger problems now with mass depression and mass despondency.

  2. think about the psychology of being constantly question by a computer if that is what you really want to do. then we are given a world full of more and more choices, while being systematically trained to continually question ourselves on each one. it’s almost too perfect a set up to not be deliberate. aliens or enemies of some kind, our “perfect” western world has most certainly been played….. to shoot itself in the foot? to create continual nightmares where navigating daily life leave one frustrated and approaching despair.

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