Sweden the new Nazis?

Generally there is no need to think about Sweden. It’s a north-European country that gets really cold. End of story. But lately I feel like they are extending their tentacles into world-interests. How? By creating it their business to “shut down” internet pirate sites.

You know why this is bad? It goes against freedom of information, it goes against the idea of libraries and it goes against the checks and balances for pricing of media. In other words, that DVD you bought the other day would cost twice as much, if the internet pirate on the other side of the world didn’t make that same movie available for free.

Apparently Sweden still uses the word “neger” and sees a very large distinction in races. They are cold and distant, prices throughout Sweden are inflated and high. Clean air and good schools, those are two nice things said about it. But for the most part it sounds almost like they are describing Nazi-Germany before the wars.

High prices create the desperation that leads to extended degrees of fascism. It’s like a bomb that is winding up to go off. And now Sweden has decided to impose it’s version of “justice” on the internet and curtail freedom of information for the entire rest of the world.

Might be time to take a look at that little country in Europe.


6 Replies to “Sweden the new Nazis?”

  1. I am an American living in Sweden. I am not very political but I felt your article was a little reactionary I guess.

    I am from NC originally. I felt and still do feel that racism was worse there. My husband is of mixed heritage. His father is from Palestine (both my husband and my husband’s mom are from Sweden). While living in NC he experienced a lot of harassment. He’s had guns pulled on him, dogs sent after him, countless threats. He is a very kind, intelligent, and loving person so he dealt with it in a very patient compassionate manner but I feared for him at times. I am not saying racism does not exist in Sweden, that would be a lie it does but I have not experienced it to the same degree,

    I am not sure what you mean by they see a large racial distinction? Sweden is not so uniform racially as it once was because they take in a tremendous amount of refugees. I am in SFI (foreigners learning Swedish basically so I spend a lot of time with refugees) and they have a lot of programs in place and so forth to help the refugees integrate. I am not saying it is perfect because it isn’t. It is very hard to get a job in Sweden even if you are a highly educated, experienced, and speak impeccable Swedish. It is hard for Swedes as well. There is certainly a bigger gap between the classes in the USA. I am sure you have seen a few horror stories on that topic.

    Another issue I hear about is Vårdcentral but that is not exclusive to refugees either it is a problem for everyone living in Sweden. The US medical system has issues as well. I had very little access to care there and could not get insurance because of a surgery I had when I was 19 (LEEP to remove pre-cancerous cells) In any case my daughter has received free and outstanding care here in Sweden, care I never would have had access to in the USA. That is actually one of the reasons I moved besides free education.

    Freedom of religion simply is not a reality in many places in the USA. I feel freedom of religion is a reality here, I have found the Swedes very accepting in that respect. I have also found Swedes more accepting of homosexuality. In generally listening to teachers talk I have seen a much wider level of acceptance for diversity.

    It is not considered unpatriotic to disagree with the government in Sweden. Once the government takes away the right to dissent then I think you are headed for a fascist government. I believe that is already the case in USA. There is also the monitoring the US does on in its citizens which I am strongly against.

    Is Sweden expensive? I live in a one income household. I have a daughter. My husband makes about 35,000 dollars a year or so. We have a house, clothes, food, and medical care. Are we rich? No. Do we go on a lot of vacations? No. Do I live on potatoes? No The answer is yes and no. Some things are expensive. Some foods are cheaper here (they practically give away certain foods), some more expensive. Gas is more expensive but public transportation is more wildly available and they want to encourage biking, car-pooling, walking, public transport. Gas has a reverse trend here. Gas is more expensive in the summer when the weather permits more alternatives and people are away traveling and cheaper in the winter when the weather makes it difficult to find alternate means of travel. I get a lot of nice things from 2nd hand shops and there are cheap places, it isn’t like all we have is designer boutiques. In any case there use to be a bigger difference in clothing prices but thanks to my mom’s recent reports I see that is no longer the case.

    As for the internet piracy thing the USA has closed down many of my favorites sites. Though I do not internet restriction either.

    Also Sweden is not only known for being cold. Sweden is amazing when it comes to recycling. Also we don’t have all that no trespassing stuff. I can go into the forest and pick berries and mushrooms to my heart’s content without getting shot at. It is understood not to walk on areas around people’s homes and not to damage the forests. Swedish people love the forests and even though people can come and go freely they are so clean. In NC people often threw their personal trash in the forests including toilets and bathtubs.

    What I am saying is every country has good and bad aspects. Governments and business the world over have corruption issues and we have to be willing to stand up and fight for our rights.

    1. i appreciate your detailed comment. my rant was in response to yet another measure taken against piracy initiated by sweden. honestly i’m a little puzzled why it has become their business. trying to get some answers.

      access to media content is becoming a little complex, while online streaming collaborates on prices like a monopoly. so there are no checks and balances in the system other than piracy. i consider the actions of sweden to be a threat to the US economy. maybe i went overboard, but thing is i hear the same thing over and over, how sweden is so clean. i’m not sure what that means or indicates. certainly they have become the ones to watch for the wider ranging effects of socialism.

      1. I haven’t read about anything in detail. So if you could tell me specifically what initiative you are referring to.

        IPRED is a set of rules devised by the EU in regards piracy and counterfeiting to make sure that the punishment is proportional to the crimes.

        I am a little confused now are you for or against piracy? Sweden has been rather none responsive on that issue in the past, they do not promote it, but they have gotten a lot of slack for their lack of initiative against piracy in the past. They are being pressured now though by the US to crack down on piracy and the US has a number of initiatives against internet piracy.

        1. actually the US does not jail or hunt down internet pirates. the ones pressuring are the movie studios here, not the government (or only as far as they are bought by them). i read an article, usatoday? that stated sweden has brought together commercial interests to limit advertising revenue for piracy sites. i should have included the link in my blog…..

          drm (digital rights management) has been a programming nightmare effecting hardware and software changes that introduce vulnerability and instability to household systems.

          i am for having checks and balances in any system. if that involves being “for” piracy, so be it. i realize the EU carries much of the blame, creating sweden into its “internet police. ”

        2. These are the laws in the US regarding piracy.
          In Sweden you have the right to copy copyrighted materials for personal use and you can also share (not sell) these materials with friends and family. So if I own a movie I can copy that movie and share it. You are allowed to watch or listen to copyrighted materials and to copy them if copying them is necessary for you to view or listen to them. So you can stream videos and such and you can have temp. copies of the downloaded material. There really weren’t even any laws about it in Sweden till 2008 and the punishments are less strict, a significantly lower fine and no jail time. Pirate Bay is an exception they got in serious trouble but they were sued and relentlessly pursued by American companies.

  2. part of the problem, is that we have been unsuccessful in prosecuting the industry in the US for collaborating on service charges for media content. in effect, they create a type of monopoly that is beyond the scope of our anti-monopoly legislation. until that is remedied in some way, there is no “check” or way to limit pricing other than the fact that when they price media at too high a rate, more customers will resort to piracy.

    so part of the blame is the inability of our anti-trust laws to regulate the new frontier of “data-product” and the rates that are currently going on for content that are the same for every provider. Amazon giant in california is working on being independent, but also have to bow to an extent to those setting cost at predetermined rates.

    from the start of video-tape, it has been an industry that masks a service as a product. and this creates complications regarding regulation and fair distribution.

    on many fronts, it is a larger social issue. and the exigency of the matter is greater within the United States, for the very fact that we HAVE greater income disparity, and so those who are of less income are receiving less access to information. which in turn creates a downward spiral that will be difficult to reverse in years to come.

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