wake of dreams

apparently i’m a sucker for collecting
thinkpad laptops
business class, so when the business
upgrades their fleet
have all these high grade laptops
can get for next to nothing
generally missing the hard drive
and you have to then buy a few parts
and reinstall windows yourself
but i know how to do that
know how to clean the fans
and service the cpus
so they run like new

sipping coffee
dark lit by lampposts
first noise of the day is not birds
it is man
freeway like the gush of a giant river
how many blocks away?
clouds still overhead
and the air now still
plants sated
i lift a ceramic cup to my lips
inhale steam before taking another drink
the cars in their gush of busy lives
up before dawn
the comfort is in the thrum
for what it represents

so many memories
from inside that river
lost to wider things
to be sure
man spit me out on this shore
i don’t regret
leaving importance

cars in the distance
the first joy of morning
it IS joy….
we all adapt

i breathe the dark
hear a plane echo against the sky
how far away?
movement instead of song
it is a curious world
surely you see that i see that?
other ages
other sounds and yet…. this is precious
this industry
these motors
peace is nothing but emptiness

oh i regret a little
but still a smile spreads as i
letting the air leave my body
letting it come in



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