charging ties

waiting for parts
worried until they are in my grubby little hands
a holiday nothing but aggravation
one supplier not bothering
to ship before going on vacation
what is my life?
i worry and fret
because it makes me feel normal

when i can throw all that off
be a child whenever i want
no responsibilities
no necessity
days open to ponder smiles
to create or dive for understanding

to be lead or to lead
you know what puzzles me?
the changing of conversation
if something is uncomfortable
or drawn out to an unsatisfactory end

thing is
in electronics everything is done
by the flow of charged particles
everything is goals
compromised by resistance

you start forming different
metaphorical relations
a bible study group
is a set of integrated chips
pathways dominated
goals are vague or obvious

within obvious, those goals woven
into self and self observance

i generally see any given respect with surprise
the drive of my electrons a
massive hunt for resistance
for the blocks and the ways around
tortured instigations of being lost

direction a curiosity
for how do we know what is right?
assumptions and transposing self
onto each other person
i see that a lot
never trust what others see in you
they will always see themselves

and i question only change

needs a sharp memory
for the way behind

you can get lost there, too
why it’s important to keep a switch
that places all into the now
with a comprehension of comfort

how do the best men rule?
by never forgetting remorse….
and despair is the biggest resistance of all
regulated only by further
comprehensions of need

in the seeing ahead
seeing behind
in the now

now take that and place it
from a linear diagram
into 360 degree round from
point to point

then square that into
spherical complication

and you get an idea why so many things go wrong
so limitations to perfect the self
are not unworthy

only untried
linear progressions
while the best men rule
by never seeing themselves

in a world where mirrors abound
oh ho….!   but remember a funhouse
is just one more metaphor

what is this day like for me?
oh…. you know…. i think the feel of my toes are cold
because our weather has turned


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