so i studied how lcd works, turning the crystals to display color…. and perhaps color itself
in our 3 dimensional world
is but a position
a turning

maybe all things are all colors
we see purple
because of position
that if stepped into another dimension
the colors would also be moved

we are taught that color
refracts that one wave
but what if all things refract all waves,
it is in their positional relationship
to the one who views

we learn color indicates
meat that has sat around longer
is a different red
maybe it loses the ability to chime red
to turn its crystals
but maybe it is red to all people
only because all observe/see from the same
maybe your eyes look blue to me
because of the positioning
of your eyes and my sight, combined
and matter has its properties
not as a reflection of light waves
but as a positioning within itself
according to created differences

we do not see because of light
we see because matter chooses
what color to be
but only because the person observing
has a consistency in its mobility
we are moving
but standing dimensionality still
in the pressed glass

so that freedom from our own receptors
in death
means to observe within other dimensions
the multitude of properties
beyond color


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    1. many thanks, understanding the nature of reality is a challenging endeavor. one theory builds on another, and only by canceling conventional proposals can the mind grasp upon its own reasoning. all is metaphor, comparing and contrasting function. but where does it start? it is like the question, if God created everything, who created God? so in looking at observation itself as a product of positioning, then the world only appears limited because we repeat our understandings.

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