a computer should not hibernate

since the days of XP, windows includes a feature called “hibernation.” it is like shutting down, but saves open programs and processes to re-establish once it is brought “out” of hibernation.

i don’t have a problem with the shutting down part (done to save power). the problem is the waking part. at one point, with my old XP desktop, windows hibernated and i never could wake up the monitor again. did something to the firmware, or left hole open to a virus? never could quite figure it out.

in that same fashion, i shut my lap top for it to sleep, come back a half hour later and instead of resuming — it had to go through Bios to start up again, because it “hibernated.” except getting the laptop to even turn on after hibernation, is a harder task. like i have to mentally scream at it — i don’t know how to explain. in many ways, i believe including “sleep” and “hibernation” in an operating system is pure folly. it’s like building trap doors in the bottom of a boat.

is it really THAT hard to shut off a computer when you’re done using it? and microsoft REALLY wants you to “sleep” your computer rather than shutting it down …. the power defaults for the SHUT DOWN BUTTON, the hardware button on PC’s — has been relegated to a sleep function for years, now. people think they are shutting off their computer, but they are really leaving it open to “wake on LAN” — to wake up remotely. of course the reasoning for this is so that windows can install updates at 3am in the morning….but the real reason is more like they want to be able to use your machine as a server to distribute more software.

it’s kind of ok, and kind of not. setting up daisy-chains of server networks is yet another incidence of building trap doors in the bottom of a boat. is a very vulnerable way to set things in motion, only need one hacker in that network of servers to create interesting amounts of disaster.

and the hibernation is set to happen so many minutes after sleep, which seems practical, but then it is going into a hibernation state from a sleep state…. and i always have to cold cock my machines then to bring them back to life.

what i am saying, microsoft — is the “energy saving” is really NOT that big a thing, and people REALLY are capable of turning off their machines when they are done with them. in the matter of battery-run, yes turn it off when it runs out of juice. or before it runs out too much to save its settings. other than that, i’m sort of tired of ALWAYS having to adjust the default settings from “hibernate” to not-hibernate — which can only be done by increasing the time frame to several days rather than minutes. there is no way to shut it off, and that is a big hole in programming, but it is a deliberate hole that puts too much power in the hands of its maker to simply shut down any machine any where at any time.

where is the trust? i left it sitting with my dead monitor years ago …. thrown out with the garbage when i understood that was the way things are. i want to see some good, honest moves in programming. you get people used to a sleep function, they get lazy. and then lazily do not expect more control over their machines. it does what it does, and the user just sort of blinks. it all points to bad. there may be no way to backtrack and eliminate sleep and hibernation …. but good lord, can’t it be set up as a CHOICE, rather than being shoved down our throats?


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