on the next line

finish what you started
better skilled than others
living on your own terms
living among the terms of others
variance to the small degree
no sudden movements
collecting more things
the alpha male has more nuts
calm in a crisis
no crisis would be better
the only real race to win
is to race against yourself
next day better than the last
of course have to remember the day before?
prepare for the worst
yet expectations manifest results
being at the front of the herd
the back of the herd is the braver spot?
above the herd to see where it’s going
dying in a hospital
not the better option for anyone
collection of sadists claiming superiority
flying above
flying away
growing a rose
or growing petunias half dead
and marked down to $2
more nuts?
whoever dies  with the most
nuts wins
watching a squirrel
on a telephone line
and smiling…..
is winter to be feared?
mastering fear
you have to have fear to master it
ignorance the better part of glory
what defines success?



4 Replies to “on the next line”

  1. If those petunias in the picture are the ones you bought half-dead for $2 then I’d say you definitely have a green thumb! They look great! 😀

    Perspective from day to day changes everything, doesn’t it? I like this poem, and especially the title. We almost never know what comes on the next line until we get there. Optimism is crucial, I think.

    1. they still struggle, yes those are the discount flowers, poor things. even when i can afford full healthy blooms, i will tend to buy the sad discounts that need tlc.

      it IS all about optimism in the sense of hope, seeing things as getting better. i think success is empty without that.

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