quantifying broader use

oh this day is not mine to give!
dreams settled
in every anxiety,
and the form was perfect.
or rather, far from unfinished.
i blanched in fear,
to learn how close to obsolete
joy ambled.

did you know it’s the air?
distance can’t breathe when clouds
are close, like there is
no time for oxygen.

and how does it matter?
fine trails of fear are nothing,
compared to despair.

despair doesn’t trail at all,
it sits in one spot
waiting for the dearth of pity.

someday i want everyone to understand
that all was the problem;
shutting forever inside minds,
unwilling to compromise
solidified solids.
time does not pay for growth
without weariness, and when was
the last time earth laughed?
or moons betrayed?

it is a careless time, for
careless people.

i was short on desire
because teasing taught me to hate
any craving for better,
then called morose love
simple physiology ….when
all humans fall prey
to industry!  industry never fails,
and life just measures levels
of stupid and then complains
more deeply.

one must understand
that amplified correlation
does not always prove cause and
the storm is coming in now;
i know because a wind sock spins,
or does the spinning sock
create this storm?

so the more than one
points to cause; it is the everyone
swallowed in senseless self-pity,
that points to an agent, a catalyst.

oh, it is terrible, this day!
but this particular one will be lived through,
pity effects nothing
and time heals all wounds
except the growing wound of time!
give us your tired, your poor, your smiling insanity–
while hope and
hopelessness both gathered
(nothing more than) dust on the ground.
dispicable, the past holds strength
and weakness in a lively mix,
every last forgiveness
crying out, “i suffered, too!”



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