what my grandmother would say

it’s not about you
there are people who will be idiots
you have to get over it
just because you don’t like a situation
doesn’t mean you can’t handle it
the best answer is sometimes silence
but don’t be cruel
being cruel never helped anyone
people are basically good
even if you can’t see the good
know that it’s there
find what you do best
take pride in yourself
and your path in life
if you look at things from more angles
it’s not that bad
there’s always an answer
sometimes you don’t have to do anything
you can’t always fix everything
you have to accept who you are
and when it’s time to let go
or admit that you don’t have all the answers
there are so MANY reasons to get up in the morning
you have to find the right one for YOU
don’t hide behind your mistakes
skip it and move on

we’re only on this planet for a short time
remember you HAVE no excuses
right and wrong has to mean everybody
be kind to others
because there is no reason to hang onto hate
remember i love you
i will always love
life gives you challenges
but there is nothing you and God can’t accomplish


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