bumping elbows

today i will work on loading my programs
onto windows 7
it is so far looking to handle the graphics ok
yesterday i was able to change the settings
to hd for my big monitor
and i actually got an hd screen
without that it will make the large
monitor look pixelated
instead of smooth type it will look
like everything is written with sand
windows 10 was SAYING i had hd
but i could tell that it was not
toggling it back and forth did not fix
and at that rate you might as well just use an old
vga analog connection and the picture
will be better!
so the test today will be to reconnect
my laptop to its dock and see if it goes
straight into the right settings
or if i have to manually set it back to hd

if it succeeds
i will go on to add my graphics programs
then since no longer testing
windows ten, can get back to work
breezy this morning
did not cool down much overnight
so manages to feel muggy
despite the wind
blue skies as far as the eye can see….

coffee seems to be cooling down fast
which means time is slow
i have to remind myself to take a deep breath
…. look at the day as
it’s good to be alive

how are you?
i hope life is marching onward in good directions
there is no end to how much we can hope for better
no end to that reach
for the next day and promise of new insight
definitions of what makes life pleasant
they say it’s all in the mind
but the mind can be a small, crowded place


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