the way around

day four without pain
part of me can’t believe it
i will have to get in a car to
go to church
a movement that always
guaranteed repercussions in the past
am a little afraid of seeing
what that will do…. now

got windows 7 pro installed
on my laptop
it authorized fine after entering
the key a second time
the copy i downloaded
was so bare bones
it did not even have drivers
for the internet
ethernet or wireless
that was a challenge
thank goodness for
the ubuntu partition
so could use that
to download the windows 7 drivers
transfer them to the 7 partition
and then install so could
get the internet
i think of those who would be stuck
mostly by being glad i don’t get stuck

now i can keep the laptop with 7
its original operating system
or update it to ten next month
still need to test the graphics
and see if 7 fixes the hd display
problem it had with ten

air is still
sky is completely blue
will be a hot day
but for now is very pleasant
sitting on the patio
sipping my coffee
and considering the day ahead

i walked to walmart yesterday
first time in 12 years
could walk without pain
shooting into the lower back
instead of pain creating
a lumbering sort of gait
dependent on momentum
i could use my legs normally

and i only know that four mornings ago
i woke up very early with back
cramped and twisted per usual
and i twisted and stretched and worked to
adjust it, per usual
but i didn’t give up… for an hour or more
i fought to bring it in line

don’t know if i was fed up
or maybe part of me sensed an opportunity

half asleep the whole time
reaching for something to
guide my fist to push in
just the right spot on my hip

sitting now with my legs crossed
on the patio
with the pleasant morning air
not paying for crossed legs
with extra burden and pain

it is all silent
i can only be thankful
for the reprieve
no headache
from the gut ache
from the nerve ache
from the back ache

you consider the source
and skip it
OR you consider the source
and move mountains

or in this case
a few backbones
forgive me… but i am so happy
i could cry

twelve years is a long time



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