thorny paws

don’t know if back is fixed
or just shifted
a break
a reprieve
to center in
and remove
the good days
and bad
could only be resolved
by understanding
that wake up
in a different
each day…the world
itself shifted

a childish thought
but misery has
little maturity

therefore this day is
not too bright
not too loud
breeze is not too
and frame moves slowly
…though without pain

it’s more about
settling nerves
that have become worn
by pinching bones

it’s more about
right signals
than it is
about not being
able to live with
a wholely incorrect

so i asked to stay
in this dimension
to not move from
this set of variables
to humble what little
i have left of me

because peace of
needs the right
to move away
from exigency
with a power necessary
to overcome

my demeanor never
good at explaining
for though
you’ve seen me smile
does not mean
i wasn’t screaming
on the inside
with a body
moving about
in abject dismay

was taught
to hold peace
yet much easier
to let peace
hold me

with the pain
and the day not
through extremely

now no sky
is falling and chicken
little is
going home?
or was all

but i swear this is
a world of difference
and i pray
that god does not deliver
my aging body
to others
where the vise
of inadequacy
is so strong
i see nothing
when looking outward

but me

the bee captured on film?
she was a blessing
for i waited

and finally
the breeze held
and the bees themselves
were unafraid
after a time



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