On the other feet

What is a story?
A tale
A recitation of event
An example
A way to be
The portrayal of love
And death
And anger

A lesson
A way to think
A path to process

Words on a stage
In a book
Told at bedtime
How to behave
Be have
Have what the hero

Follow the story
Follow the road
The path

Deep down I’m a strategist
Some days can’t remember
My own name
But I remember
The strategy
I created for every
Video game I ever solved
Can never go back again
And play it
Like it was the first

But a story I can
And discover
More of myself
More of the author
More of the bridge
The comprehension

It plugs you in
To every other person
Who also heard
The story

Raised to comprehend
With all these leaders
Weaving spells

What is a story?
A way to Be
A map of life
A journey through decisions

….right or wrong based on others
In the area
Of studying behavior
The story tells us who we are
Or who we are to Be

Thing Is
I feel my life
Is full of stories
Coming out my ears

Until my own path
Is dim…

Choice merely a joke
Because choose wrong-ly
And punishment awaits
Does choosing right
Make you rich?

See I don’t know
How to reconcile
All these stories….

After awhile they repeat
For we have only so many themes
Only so many angles

Comes down
To what shoes I
Decide to wear today

Feet that were
Never made for shoes
Feet that we’re made to grip
The earth
With toes made useless
It’s about walking in the footsteps
About follow the leader

Monkey see monkey do
And how owning
One pair of shoes

Might Be the wisest thing
On earth

What Is a story?
I got up today and took a bath
But so early that I searched the tub
For spiders, first.
Catch them by surprise
When it’s that early
We occupy space according to schedule
The soak only helped a bit
My back still feels twisted
And knotted
Yet I know the real problem
Is my nerves are
Feeling way too much
Every pain amplified
20 times
Like a computing
Infinite loop…..

I made coffee
Sat in
My chair

I stared blankly
At my tablet
Until I realized
I was staring blankly

My customized response
To an anxiety attack
Though it’s not like that!

It’s exactly like when
I was late getting homework
Done for school

So that’s what it should be called,
A failing at school attack.

The clench in the gut….
I could survive it
If it weren’t for
The clench in the gut

I worry that I drone on
A writer should be succinct!
Yet it’s not that kind of day
And this is not that kind
Of story
It will go on
Despite how messed up
I manage to be
The coffee still needs to be finished
And I might make the bed
It doesn’t make itself
Dishes need to be done.
Of course that never ends

Don’t know how I got so many shoes

I sit and look at them and
Know I have only 2 feet

So sue me
Part of me wanted to be normal
Though that definition is sure up for grabs

There’s normal
There’s sane
And there’s pass the buck

Some day I’ll find a fourth
I suppose
But most of the time
I just wanted to go home
And the ruby slippers?
Well….they got left by a
Crick somewhere
When I wanted to
Feel my toes with the grass



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