pass the delivery

i do wish
that my hopes
were not so
far into
of impossible

yet i guess
that’s how they

breathe …

now all i want
is to find a
spot where
body loses
its pain
so mind can
shut up

open senses
see, i can’t
figure out where
the TV noise coming out
of my fireplace
is coming FROM …lol

but it annoys me
only because i CARE
and i care because
nerves are already
stretched and
on edge

is there no hope?

i just have to ignore
and pretend

but you can pretend
yourself into a hole
where every rock
is willing and able
to cover your head
and let you sit
while the dark bothers you
and the light bothers you
and the air bothers you
and every voice
hits ears
at just the right
amount of scream…

i would rather let go
center back to the source
and cry over spilt milk

at the same time
putting all money on owning a cow

it’s just every nerve
feels braced
right now, this moment

and i know–
i’m not stupid,
i know the only way
to end further

is to forget

and i know forgetting
brings me to a place
i never wanted to be

lost without a paddle?
heck, my creek ran dry
ages ago
and i walked and then crawled
now i dig

dirt’s good for you
or maybe it’s just
good for mud pies
nothing gives birth to nothing…

driven to the edge
wishes are the stuff
of hope in others
others i saw and left
to just forget
because redemption
never blamed
the right



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