on steady feet

to rise early,
or to rise late?

are worms really that special?
i plan to find
something worth
today …

a new way to
approach beginnings?
a better way
to hold myself

comfort and calm,
removing erratic
bounds of
never better;

it’s like a formula
i can’t have.
like there is only
one way to
mark the sludge and passage
of time:
carefully or fully.

if i worry
any more on how
others “see” me,
time will explode
in a flame–
a giant aching bonfire
–of “i told you so’s.”

it doesn’t take much
to be the one
putting one foot
in front of the other?

oh phooey!
no sense pretending.
i am only wise
because there
was no where else to go.

but i wouldn’t call it wise,
would call it been there done that
or maybe i want too much,
to be needed.

needy wisdom —
is there any other kind?



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