ashes falling inward

so i washed windows
watered plants and
swept the patio

the answer to pain
is to get busy…

ignore the worst
and move onward

do you know i worry
for my laptop
so i wait for the mail
and thermal conductors
that will help
move its heat
from the source
of activity to
the vent …

life gives minds
to mull and
for move
the out-take

must sweep cement
and smile

because there is
a lot
to finding grace

oh it’s not that hard!
to remember
dust is only dust



5 Replies to “ashes falling inward”

  1. I didn’t mean to hit send so soon. I wanted to say… Those words really touched me deeply.

    Actually, I teared up and really felt it’s meaning… referring to impermanence, the temporary nature of everything… just dealing with loss, longing and morning in general.

    I happen to be morning the loss of two close friends right now and am in therapy and group meetings for bereavement. It’s been difficult to get out of bed these past 3 months.

    Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful words.

    1. now you’re making me tear up…. loss brings life to facing certain truths, and one of those is that it hurts to hang on but to remember is that honoring of a life that blessed yours

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