small treasures

i look for questions to answer:
how do we face death?
how can there be all leaders
no followers?
how does class become
the antithesis of freedom?

perhaps death hinges on perception
beginnings and ends
perhaps when all lead
all follow
perhaps the rat race
is an excuse
for rats to behave badly

even right or wrong
an answer to simplify

peace works on
levels no words
adequately frame

conflicts and
shifting course
of human consciousness

a long nap yesterday
so i am up early today

it is the “so” which trips constraints
measuring causality
all ache to attain

not which piece fits
but which to try next
so i will tell you why i took
a picture of this sunflower:

it was shorter
and held still,
while tall blooms danced more
ferociously in the wind

why i stopped? what caught my eye?
the sunlight was beautiful that day
on whatever it touched

as it wraps the flower
beauty becomes color
and light itself is draped
on all i see….

my knees creek as i bend to capture
with little thought to age

until i stand again,
face the path
and groan while mumbling
” getting old ”

so it is the small treasures
that are not free…
but free to tax upon oneself

fear moves the masses
yet peace is the absence of fear,
not a structure born of itself

do we seek peace?
or is it something more like continuity…
i mostly sigh a lot

and smile at small treasures
gladly held
to what i hope is a smoother heart



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