trap of ages cleft for me…

i find confusion
in a society that purports
“BE WHO YOU ARE to be happy”
then decidedly works
to change who people are
through medicinal machinations

main problem being
that using substances to effect the brain
can deleteriously effect judgment
as to whether one’s own being
is better or worse

others decide for you
do others care if you’re happy?
think about that: do others really care if you’re happy?
a sobering contemplation…what, it’s Thursday?
society in general
finds emotive reaction unpleasant

happy thought to begin…. the day? week?
a human is more likely to think
maybe i’m better
than they are to think
maybe i’m worse
(it’s why placebo is a word)

and no
people don’t want you happier than they are
the great balancer
crafted for an inside joke
therefore appropriate
is merely relative stance
and you find yourself laughing more
when watching a sitcom alone
and the world is a great adventure
but it never was


i look fondly on desires to help
to change
to be the instigator
for determining someone else
must decide to be more like the rest
of humanity
when the rest isn’t even here
they are over seas
and think our entire nation
is coconut-tunes crazy…

so who’s to say?
i passed an elderly chinese couple in the street
other day and i smiled at her,
she smiled at me
and that was good enough…

over fourth of july weekend
i watched a party go on next door
where a teenager, young chubby-ish girl
already drunk and alone with several older males
hunted for a beer in a cooler set outside
so i watched her walk to it
and return
carrying her prize
(she was wearing a swimsuit
and shorts
and need grafted onto eternity…)

so i got to have memories
for fourth of july
and sadness and inability to help….
i did nothing!
because nothing was easy

we all fall into traps to feel safe

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4 Replies to “trap of ages cleft for me…”

  1. Such a longstanding debate on the huge pharmaceutical companies churning out a billion dollar business in powerful medications, so many which become a dependency…physically or mentally. It all seems too easy. We spend more time at the doctor’s office sitting in the waiting room, then lead to sit even more time in the examination room only to find that upon eventual meet and greet with our physician or specialist, barely more than a social occasion and cut to the chase.

    The doctor’s swift “what can I do for you today?” followed by our “I need more pills” and the doctor is already tearing off the prescription sheet like he or she is handing out so much candy to quench the thirst or satisfy the hunger until next time…yet dare we ask for a prescription refill over the phone and the doctor renounces the notion with a need to “see us” to “ensure that nothing about your situation has changed”…and upon doing so we are asked not one meaningful question about our current disposition.

    Once again we dutifully return for yet another brief ‘meet and greet’ encounter. The doctor waffles off some diatribe about his latest trip to the Mediterranean and the sunburn he had to suffer through on the long flight back home, followed by the usual “what can I do for you today?”, his prescription pad tightly grasped as he prepares to scribble off yet another one-month supply of the usual meds and an assortment of complimentary doses to counter the ill-effects on the organs.

    Ever so curious are the meds prescriptions scribbled off as so much pocket change for the ensuing month and as as he bids ado he rattles off a disclaimer about caring not to take too many of those things because you will develop an addiction and “see you soon!”. I take a medication for anxiety and as I retrieve my car keys Dr. officiously decries for the first time…”you know you really shouldn’t drive after taking one of those things…”

    As I stroll through the main reception area nodding a good day to the receptionist I suddenly forget my reason for visiting. The pharmacist across the street sees me coming with that little white slip in hand and assumes the position…

    1. lol…. well said. it’s an absurd system, out of somebody’s nightmare. actual doctors are all dead and all we are left with are overpaid idiots. i have much better luck with the nurse practitioners they use to write prescriptions here. they have more common sense.

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