in the clouds

a mind must be free
long before it leaves the body
(to find home)?

perhaps no freedom exists
for any soul shackled to hate

God is Love?
and where does pity fall?
slightly off of center;

even so…. part of tomorrow remains.



2 Replies to “in the clouds”

  1. Speaking of god: first ask what is god made of? Can god be made of anything of nature of what you see and what you don’t see? If this is a fair question then nature created everything including the deities. So deities are made up of the composites of nature if they are if they are made of anything. All this and other thoughts just bring up unsolvable controversy. That’s why I love the golden rule; and I live via it. sb

    1. i sort of see god and creation as one. the golden rule is good because it works. i don’t think being afraid of punishment is the way to go. better to understand ramifications. the thing about hatred or that power found within anger, is it doesn’t have a lot of peace to it. and there seems to be a connection between peace of mind and that higher plane.

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