on top

I asked her if the price was correct
answer was yes
so i said i would go ahead and buy at the front
she said i had to buy there
which is false
i know it’s false
i don’t know how to tell her it’s false
so i run my card
thinking how do we get people like this?
one small power they can exercise
so they do it
right or wrong doesn’t apply
go home congratulating themselves?
it baffles me because of the smirk
the self-satisfied smirk that makes you go
Jesus Christ we still have people like this in the world?

So today i swept the patio again into a pile
and did not use the dustpan
because the birds love it… scatter all to infinity
is more fun to hunt and scratch through debris
for any treasure of bird seed that falls
from the lugubrious balcony overhead

why do i leave it in a pile?
i ask myself that…
sometimes perfection is not what we think.

WP_20150702_13_00_52_Pro 1


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