among one of many

they got stuck somewhere
“that’s my toy, you can’t have it!”
about there
somewhere in the throws of competition

i bowed out
never made sense to play so hard
for a game
where stakes are so low …

value of own importance
honestly i’m not sure but they got
eye’s can’t open
to anything past about 3 year old comprehension (levels?)

… it’s not knowledge that stops
it’s the ability to parse
it gets piled on 3 year old brain
that stays in that mode!

mine! not yours! but it’s more complicated
than that. it is the mode that still
plays “peek-a-boo”
but i don’t know that either…..

fact is, anyone you don’t know well
(which takes time)
is going to seem the lesser human

i just have no interest in getting to know
people who are rude

what is it that makes them
a kind of foe?

well, i don’t see a whole city of the same type
having much joy available to pass around

and that’s the truth
they are happy in their misery

… and i don’t understand that, either

oh, my day is settled.
i’m going to run around in the sun and sweat a lot,
call myself a fool a few times
and have a dinner that is out of the freezer
and cooked in a factory somewhere
(where you never know what kind of meat they actually use)
and i will work on computers
eventually decide the best way to rig a
crummy graphics card to run things at least
in its crippled fashion

and i will sleep
my bed is made.
i will pull down the covers and crawl in
curl into a ball
and listen to Big Bang Theory for the 20th time…

hope is something i don’t hold dear…
i hold it, only.



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