review for LG G Pad F 8.0 LTE

the only thing i can’t get used to, is how fragile this tablet feels.  like i had better order a folio case and check the express shipping option. 

i’m sure it’s sturdy, just feels like if you dropped it even a foot on anything hard, that it might shatter to a zillion pieces.  i’m usually not wrong about these things.

lollipop takes a little getting used to.  i kind of don’t understand why the lg tablet has motion sensors, but doesn’t have basic light sensor to put brightness on automatic?  that makes no sense.  it does have a dimming option for nighttime hours, but some retarded programmer decided that required a constant entry on notifications that it is set for nighttime dimming.  i hate that.  should be an option or better yet, let’s just assume users are smart enough to remember they turned on nighttime dimming and don’t need to be told over and over what they did, shall we?

the screen size is ok, it feels a little small since i’m going from a 9″ tablet to the 8″.  ok resolution for games and video playback.  it is a very thin tablet.  built more like a smart phone, but why it feels fragile, maybe.  or maybe it’s just my paranoia, thinking this thing is too expensive and it will be over a year and a half before it is paid off?

i’m almost afraid to touch it.

in some ways, it represents the nice things i’m not allowed to have.  so i immediately ruined the back cover with garish foam stickers, so that it will be less slippery and less likely to fly out of my hands. the people who deserve nice things don’t care if it goes flying out of their hands.  but i know i’m the one who will have to be fixing it myself if it does go airborne.  so i live with foam stickers.  tell myself that gives it personality, when i know it just stands for “poor. ”

the g pad has snapdragon cpu.  1 gig of ram memory, file explore says the internal memory is 10.17 gigs …. so hard to say.  i thought the packing slip listed it as having 32 g of internal storage.  i use a micro sd card anyway.  the tablet is fast, mostly i can’t get over the feel of it being something i should look at and not touch.

but it’s snappy and performs fine.  it’s not a lot different than the tablet i had.  except this one has gorilla glass, not a plastic screen that gets one more scratch every time i put it in my purse.  and this one will get the internet even when i’m out and about with no wi-fi available.  of course you can’t use it that much, because are paying by the gig for bandwidth.  id still rather be with att than a carrier that gives “unlimited “…. i don’t even care about speed, but care about access. 

when i go to use it, just want it to work.  phone does have a mobile hot spot, but that runs the battery on it down very fast.  only works well if you are plugged in and not mobile, which is one of those finer ironies in life. 

i have calculated the extra money per month, $12.50 on the tablet itself, and $10 extra on my plan, as being just barely worth it for upgrading my tablet to an lte internet 4g tablet device.  i am thinking of exploring if i can add values to the APN to make it receive sms.  apparently they want you to pay for texting if you are getting texting, even though your plan includes free texting, it isn’t allowed on the tablets.  you know, where it would be most useful.  i guess that’s too logical a step for corporation suits to understand.

there is a possibility that you can take the sim out of your phone, and put it into the lte tablet.  i haven’t tried that yet.  though then no phone.  which is actually what i am considering for the distant future.  nobody needs to really call anymore.  you either text, or you video chat.  it just makes more sense.  problem is a lot of people still have phones and no way to text or video chat.

but anyway, i am hoping to get things consolidated eventually where i am not juggling 5 devices (or more).  i added it up, and this is my 7th device.  i have become the cat lady, except instead of cats i collect computers.  i definitely have a problem.  but am happy, so sue me.

the lg g pad seems to be a fine device, this is the very first time i ever got something within a month of its release date.  again, new is usually something i don’t treat myself to…. but so far, really no regrets.  i suppose the bill might leave me sighing a little more deeply.



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