i was lonely, too

is untruth a condition of life
the antithesis necessary
to give form and shape
to the thesis

is every object only defined by what it is not?
is a peach a peach
because it is not a plum?

there is what a man wants
and what a man doesn’t want
the rhetorical critic only wants
to lead
to persuade
to design mass-comprehension
according to mass need?
or according to singular need?

and there’s the rub
a man is either selfless
or self-full
evil and good then change
for where they land on self

a person can say, “this is good for others, but not for me.”
a child more likely to let it be…
so the sign of maturity
is to orchestrate good only for self

there may not be good and evil,
but there is youth and age
those who design
and those who forego construction
those who let go and let god
and those
who question a better next move
realizing power of man

but is my truth gained by what i find false?
maybe.  though in some sense
all is true

for all is

correct and incorrect
win or lose
i cannot help but to think a life
bursting with manipulations
is to be pitied… where is the rest?
where is trust in the nature
of collective direction

all comes in the end to balance
and then what is the fulcrum?

a smile?
perhaps.  though a frown will be steady
oh yes
and more greatly prized by fellow
only the fool smiles when disaster looms!
only the fool makes their own truth
the instant opposite of others
only the fool gets lost
in meanderings of mind
hoping to prove themselves

a need to rise to best,
the prize of humility that is far from humble
a history that repeats
… only in dreams

brought down to earth
it is not what you say
but how you say it
collective comprehension

my truth is beyond its opposite
only because it is both mine and others
both happy and sad
both away in the distance
and very right here

there is only free, and not free

but freedom of body without freedom of mind
is a long, slow pain
while freedom of mind without freedom of body
is a short and fast reduction

freedom of both mind and body
found only in the forgiveness given to youth
otherwise i am named insane
but i had those moments

to treasure freedom
to see the jealousy in eyes of others
” i must behave, you must, too! ”
* she chuckles and shakes her head *

we are not free as long as we are together
my advice is to note how the ground is flat,
how the trees are tall
how the grass is flexible, but goes on
past sight.

is that grass not underfoot now, still flexible?
so try it.
and try
and try
entire lifetime of try

the way toes will feel sharp points
but heels will crush.

man consumes
but the day is lovely
and time given while one human being
shows they care for others

is that always good?
is anything always?

we pursue endeavor seen to benefit self,
and we pursue endeavor seen to benefit others.
the ‘seen’ isn’t always right
and the endeavor is not always successful.

but the human condition
will always love the balance
because of the up and down

not despite of it

~thoughts in response to “beyond good and evil” by friedrich nietzsche



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