dawning of the age of glassed gorillas

why don’t more mobile devices advertise whether they are built with gorilla glass or not? the answer is simple, it’s a matter of the same company that builds devices WITH gorilla glass, are the same companies that build devices WITHOUT it. and they apparently don’t want to discourage the buying of any device that does not have gorilla glass.

why i really love the build of my nokia windows phone, is that it not only has gorilla glass, but the shape is not flat. it curves downward at the edges, making a very durable and lasting screen. it gets less fingerprints, and is easier to clean. oils from your hands don’t try to stick with it or stay with it. gorilla glass is now in its “phase 4” of production, with even better strength and durability.

and no mobile, or very few, advertise “BUILT WITH GORILLA GLASS!” it is also difficult to find out before you buy a device, whether it has gorilla glass or a different kind of glass or plastic screen. to alleviate this lack, wikipedia has a kind of funny page that only lists devices with gorilla glass (that i assume is updated by those “in the know.”)

i do wish that tablets and larger devices would adapt the curved-at-the-edges design model, that eliminates degrees of surface tension? something to that extent, where the perfectly flat glass is going to be more susceptible to pressure, and especially to edge impact, like caused from dropping. the entire field is all a work in progress, i just hope they take it in logical steps for the consumer, not just profitable ones for the makers.

as a mobile device consumer, i also find difficulty in deciding what kind of device do i want? do i want mostly a phone, mostly a camera, mostly internet? do i want big or small? what is the best thing to go with? like many, i find myself using several devices for different functions.

now that benefits the makers, who want to sell more devices. but what about consumers that are running out of pockets? consumers that might find the transition to mobile, even — a little easier if it were more streamlined?

so that’s what am looking at. why even make tablets that don’t have the best cameras, a phone function and so on? why even make devices that don’t update their operating systems? why even make devices that break more easily or have greater likelihoods of breaking? throw-away society and profit. i’m talking to you, Apple-Care. there is always a problem when the same ones making a product, also sell you the insurance to guarantee that it will function.

of course we have that going on in many businesses, and it kind of boggles my mind. isn’t that a little too tempting for them to create inferior products in order to increase the probability of selling the insurance for the product? becomes a nightmare of what happened to human integrity?

and i will answer that question, as soon as i check a tablet that just beeped. everybody needs to feel needed.


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