because i am stupid and immature

The thing about gay marriage, even for those who are against gay marriage legalization need to understand, is that it eliminates excuse for gay promiscuity.  Not that there is anything wrong with that, I believe in promiscuity of all kinds.  🙂  but it helps those in the gay community put into positions of just a girlfriend or boyfriend, just a kept mistress, just a booty call.

Won’t eliminate, some will always be used by powerful men/women.  But this gives the same chance for commitment, without one group left to be preyed upon and used as if gay automatically means slut and whore.

That is why it was important.  For humane reasons, and it’s ok to believe that even as a church.  Because if you don’t, you believe in keeping a class of people that are only used for booty call.  And isn’t that a little sad.

So even for sects like the Mormon church, change is the better option. For if that adjustment is not made, it looks pretty bad for those members of a church that might be making their own late night booty calls.

it’s not about God and Love, or condoning what to some is seen as “perversion.”  like so many things in life now, it is about Money and Power.  did money and power create a class of sluts?  they just well might have, and time to make them un-create it.  that is the right thing to do,  that is the Christian thing to do.  a step for equality in marriage for all peoples, means that we eliminate that loophole.  it won’t stop money from using people as toys.  however, it now makes everyone use them equally once the church bodies get on board and realize that it is even sadder when a governmental body has to make the “right” moves to correct an injustice perpetrated by the church.  or at the very least, continued.  we cannot alter our traditions?

i suggest they become altered and put more in line with the foundations of equality.  which isn’t “making gays equal to non-gays.”  it’s making every person equal to each other.  it’s leveling a playing field that has been tilted for far too long.  tradition?  let’s try a tradition of humanity and humane ideals.  that might be easier to swallow in the long run.

i’m not saying that gays are not born gay.  but i am saying it’s complicated, and there are a lot of factors that enter into the picture.  i never believed in “sin” — it seemed the simplest choice to make very early on in my life.  i sort of go by the pirate code, as stated in the Disney movies.  “they are more guidelines than rules.”  if something is called a “sin,” i’ll break it to see what happens.  since i don’t go up in smoke from a lightning strike, can assume there is no “immediate” punishment available.  of course, religious bodies contest there is a distal punishment.

and we go, well — now isn’t that convenient?  and it gets weird from then on out.  much easier to simply say that there is no sin, only choice and directions.  paths that lead us into misery, and paths that lead us out of misery.  whether joy can be felt without its compliment of misery, is something i can’t know.  but i do believe that is what the afterlife is about.  it’s about equal playing fields.  it’s about rising everyone up, rather than having some down and some up.

if there is a heaven, it is a heaven of equality.  which means even God is just another person.  and that is where things become a little difficult.  but i look at it this way – we all have a responsibility to fairness and justice.  you can’t always do the ‘right’ thing, because maybe the wrong thing was done in the past.  we dream about time machines.  and isn’t that a matter of laziness?  not wanting to correct a direction from the present.  from the moment realized that things were taking a bad turn.

so for those who oppose gay marriage, think of this as a correction for things that took a bad turn.  and be thankful that you no longer have to base your piety on the sinfulness of others.  because that is what heaven would do.  yes, i’m stupid and immature.  and proud of it.


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