the envy of youth? by eebrinker

give us hope and earthly blessing,
all to know and all to see
where our solace, now impressing,
is the boon and delivery.

lord, how is the silent martyr
fed by all that’s seen and done!
when i raised a quiet hand
that left what started not begun,

what are tidings?
faith deriding thoughts instilled on everyone.

so too, now, i see all effort
as the least and most Divine.
truly we are born, restored
to paths, created — not refined.

where was conquest ever able,
on the eve of wilderness?
gone now, i can see the rabble
as the heat of deliverance.

are we metered, are we fettered
by contrived exuberance?

so there’s no one grinding purpose,
but to keep the purpose free.
on such hour, no angel faults us
for reduction, aimlessly

to be wounded for desire
which holds each want in wide array.
time is money for the buyer,
yet time is seller’s only play

born to worry, ever hurries
into art that arts its say.

so i find Reliance weary,
as a God she’s not well fed.
to begin we must be silent,
hearts that bleed into bloody heads

swollen, now, there is no fearing
for your brother, man nor beast
has such pious ages, clearing.
each bold thought lives for each cold feast…

where is shame to cast all blame
when all become the silent Least?

yes, there is a greater journey,
only fools would doubt its stride,
but i cannot bravely answer
man has all that his goals confide.

when has love been every answer,
when it’s truth that marks our paths?
so my truth becomes a dancer,
and such love is but lovely math?

” oh refresh us! oh, refresh us!
traveling through this wilderness.”

a musical parody, written in response to “the essay on self reliance” by ralph waldo emerson.



3 Replies to “the envy of youth? by eebrinker”

  1. Touching my heart and soul as I read. Eloquent and powerful poetry. Always glad to find your work.

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