Unlock A Magical Danger

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Unlock A Magical Danger

*what’s beauty unless you use it like a hammer or a key? – White Oleander 


a lock jimmied one time too many

and then it’s just a matter of finesse

how rust gathers between the parts

dividing and divided, the disconnected 

link between body and a soul

part of each and all, unwhole

once picked over

only the smooth works here

greasing the grind, oil for the 

wheels that spin – until they come off,

unhinged, and a new spring sprung

for having been wound too tight

this is where it all jams  up

the squeaky wheel of getting 

hosed, the frozen hinge of all

that’s poised for springing 

loose from behind the door 

(you don’t want to open) 

when wild’s released like feral cats

into the dark of innocence, a nubile 

power learnt in letting loose – 

gone are those restraints which laid her roots 


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