Now she’s gone

She sat next to me in choir.

She sang very well.  Not like an angel.  Angels are soft and she sang like

she knew who she was and by God you were going to hear that.

she talked to me about management.  We agreed

that sometimes it takes longer to teach someone how to

do something, than if you just did it yourself.

She had this way of telling a joke

that didn’t ask for any laughter

because she wouldn’t be telling it unless she herself

was already laughing inside.


She was my friend.

I’m sad she’s gone.

I don’t hate cancer.

I don’t hate God.

I’m just sad.

She was a good person

and she was a harsh person

with so much good the harshness didn’t matter.


She loved everyone a lot.

She was strong and I’m sure that was not easy

to have to always be strong

and always leading.  And she might complain with

a joke.


I loved her.

She was my friend.


She sat next to me in choir.  She sang BETTER than angels.

Because she had a voice that was down to earth.

She is good people, I am lucky to have known such a wonderful person.

She is gone now and I want to tell her I admire her.

Always did.  She didn’t deserve this.  But she does deserve peace and happiness.


So I am going to believe she is at peace and happy,

because some part of her is, and in that somewhere she is singing,

and joking, and knowing exactly where it all flows.


In that place I see her telling me to get over myself,

and I find that it is enough to remember that she herself,

dealt with loss and found ways of comfort.


See I remember that, I remember her saying

how it was important to remember the good things.

Heart in her voice.


It wasn’t that we loved her.

It was that she loved life.


And so maybe death is nothing, because that love goes on.



4 Replies to “Now she’s gone”

    1. i started out wanting to write something that was rhymed and touching like memorial poems done in the past. and instead this became more like things one might share at a wake. am currently away from home and others that would share in grief….

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