Legislative posturing by eebrinker

What can you do
What can you not do
The action of standing aside
Day a sunny burn
Relentless adoration of dry mockery
Yet the sky goes forever…
Me, only a time.

Pattern was the shouldered difference
Of complexity minus forethought.
Oh how I love the still air!
It speaks to me of redemption,
Which I worry little
Stepping my feet into other shoes, there is little that justifies exaggerated affront. As the sun rises,
Mind is not the largest ache
In an otherwise view. How often will a stand
Reformat foundations of observatory fact?
Oh it wasn’t me, never! For in some ways ambivalence hunts its nest.

Hold on to what you know, it grows old with you and fades only to the extent that situations also move to a future.

Do we care? I never thoroughly did.
Fool’s paradise,
But where is paradise for the wise?
And that is the question.
The sidewalks also radiate heat,
The sky is complete and I am not
With how consistency creates another
Design for the rights of chaos.

Let it go?
Let us do this
Let us not do that
All math
Where the equation is a ratio
Into or out of forgiveness.

No, I have had enough,
And the day weighs heavy only according to my own aspirations.

They say to breathe deeply, yet I find
The shallow breaths lead to greater endurance: Nothing can be done if nothing is where you stand.
Or sit, I suppose. We all have our thrones, mine never desired comfort.

One thing I can say is that sometimes you do let misconception alone,
And feed only your dreams.


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