Auditory Pact by eebrinker

not much sense
In worry
adjust or don’t
time was not part of roaming equations
what is gain?
Child holds a quarter
candy is 29 cents
Three options:
do without
acquire four more cents
wish for something different

Reduction into limits
Strength objectifies random set of relative
plural cavity confides
Heart and lungs
Breathe and beat

Do memories haunt?
Or do they only visit
Have some tea and ask you to recount
Your day

four cents is found in another pocket
(To worry makes no cents)
denied reasoning between function
every bend is both creator and creation
Intermittent guided
Such fools to map!
measures do not loosen native burdens
to step outside
breathe satisfaction

so many plans have yet to mark my stand
(the earth is soft)
tell eternity i am here
sometimes comprehension requires the before
perspective jingles the quarter and four pennies

the nature of have
and have not
makes a pleasant sound
before surrendering to exchange



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