Fractal Bifurcation by eebrinker

Hesitation expands,
flicker complete is an idiom:
To see and know
beyond and beyond,
running silence haunts portrayals.

A ladybug climbs up a branch,
flies away. Broken in that climb is only
countenance divided by ambition; was not
always so…

The sidewalk becomes a darker gray with rain,
air is thin or thick,
this day lives in joy or bristles counting hope.

I prefer happiness without shadows,
embossed in my own footsteps–it is not better or worse;
merely clenched.

Seen and see, to fall to an understanding
is to rise to one occasion at a time,
leaning into deeper questions that
pin a soul to its foundation;

seek and ye shall find, yet I knock what I can
and can what I see as forever
from bottoms of swimming barrels;
cloned for every monkey to look upon
and never sigh,

God is not through with me yet.



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