It wasn’t me

See the thing is, I understand ones like kkk not liking to have me monitor their words. I get how it can be intimidating to know someone can analyze and point out inconsistency or just plain bs. And I understand that one mans bs is another’s sworn truth. Life tends to fall into perceptions of power plays, especially online.

So I ask myself, why do I bother? In the old days of MySpace, I looked at those only wanting ‘ positive’ blogs as deluded, and I named them the happiness police. For life is not always a bucket of roses.

And I watch various writings, or people, for trends or indications of turns within the thought process of entire communities. Not for my own pleasure, but for my own edification. If I speak up on an issue, it is generally to clarify my own understanding on the viewpoint of the author. Has nothing to do with me, or with positioning oneself into some kind of authority.

I like to think I know it all, but am not fool enough to believe I know it all. Though there are some subjects, such as psychology, where I have a good deal of experience as well as education. And there are some subjects like politics, where I might not be aware of every single facet, but I trust leadership because I know that in a psychological sense-if you give up that trust might as well throw in the towel and call it a day.

Mostly when I comment at length on any thread, it is because the writer’s stand is not clear or contains mixed messages. And I’m simply trying to draw out a better explanation of that viewpoint. If it is a case of me, just me having a disagreement with a cause or stand that is clearly expressed, I walk away. If it is a case of exaggeration or untruth, such as conspiracy theory and that vein of discourse– it depends if I like the person or not. If I like them, I’ll try to say something. If I don’t like them, I’ll walk away.

Who do I like? Those who don’t regularly indulge in personal attacks while they are trying to prove a point.I like those who think and reason, those who are level headed and employ a bit of common sense at least once in awhile. Now I don’t know if that makes me a snob. But I do know when others are weaving reality for the sake of the weave. For the sake of their own comfort. Sometimes comfort is the need to be necessary.

Life is not always a bucket of roses. And thoughts that ping around the internet eventually make it into real communities. I don’t think it’s a bad idea to monitor and check things when you can. That doesn’t make those who observe into some kind of know it all snob that thrives on disagreement.

Is much easier to back away and let it all go to heck.


Feedback always welcome

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