mastering the turn

A reaction is manipulatible, being of a nature easily manipulated.

Mendacity is very manipulatible, for a pattern emerges within torture.

Stomp goes into the bathroom to stomp if I run the water there. He goes into the kitchen to stomp if I run the water there. So when I want peace to work on fixing a computer, I send him to the bathroom or the kitchen by running the water.

Manipulation. Dog herding the cattle. Reactive states. Reaction. Is not a coincidence that one of the first things a sedative does, is take away reaction.

Predictive reaction.

Created by want
By need

Child wants the candy
Eat your dinner and you can have the candy
Finish school and you can have the job
Use beauty products and you can have the man

Manipulation based on desire
What does a person want?

So is it about getting others to do what you want
Or is it about….
the want of others leading them to do what you will?

the master manipulators
we have goals
the ambiguity behind purpose

tactic my whole life has been to avoid being a victim of manipulation
by not wanting anything; by having no preset-desires
nothing cut and dry

a world of make-do
manage what you have not what you wish you had
what is a slave?
i liked this explanation by an electronics engineer
about how electricity is always looking for ground
looking for REST
and the way a circuit and the way a computer works
is you deny it rest
make it transverse eternal mazes
before it can go back around and transverse more
doing our work
our thinking …. in some ways
the computer is the ultimate torture machine
for the charged particle…..

manipulated into unbelievable feats
all because it never doubts what it wants
always wants REST

so what does a human want
how is that manipulated …. SLAVES
to this and that
to ideas in many ways – to the logic and idealism of others
to determinations of best
and behavior suited

some day it might be different
what if beds were a cradling hole in the floor …
what if homes only had a rooftop in place in bad weather
what if people always stood on their heads when they gathered?

what if asking for something meant wanting it
what if prayer enforces need
what if need then enforces manipulation

what if time is not spent well thinking this,
typing this
what if my best or better day is spent on a walk
or getting work done
the back burners are piling up and smoking in a bonfire….

so manipulation can be an evil thing
is not mentioned in the evils….
those are greed and laziness and hate

manipulation has even manipulated itself off of the list!

oh what a world
mostly i look …. and grin


3 Replies to “mastering the turn”

  1. It’s really disturbing when there are no capital letters… maybe signifies how the old thrones are disturbingly empty? I vaguely remember something a story about a publisher or editor not letting Andrea Dworkin leave out capital letters or something, as though he (?) thought he knew better…

    1. my reason for no caps is very simple: i type faster without having to reach for a shift key. plus i strongly believe that capitalization should have been abolished in typed print. it serves no purpose.

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