so the rain allows to breathe
deep rhythm with the grass of green
and hushing reverie; drought ends.
air a gift of cool relief,
the day a nom de plume

that rises,

in gusts remind me wind will dry old tears
as rain reminds me every hope is (was always) here:
brought to the fore,
no other one has reached in tender
odds of grace.
a silent place
has every noise of ones before,
and if i held my breath

it was the all to listen for the all;
inside is naught but gall!
while dreams
set to a plate are nailed through abject promises.
but ends, never the same and
while i know how want confirms repast,
there is no hope that longly ever lasts.
truth rippled-slow with blame:

time was not, yet now the was is much.
beside me, conquest smiles with heaven’s touch.



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