measuring desire

what is smart?
smart people will do stupid things
stupid people will do smart things
is a people smart?

in the details
you get an iq test
how smart is the person who
wrote the test?
many people? so what
intelligence doesn’t improve with numbers

there is survival
survival is smart
but so is compassion
how do we quantify knowledge
when the data is present now
in a computer

doesn’t help if you yourself cannot
process information

so is the era of the processor
the deliberator
the scholar with infinite knowledge

have to be able to collate it

brace the next move

smart or not smart?
the joke is that it all reflects
all shines from other angles

i think the smartest thing to be is to do what you can
not what you may
it is smart to find hesitation
is smart to give others time, space, and continuation
is smart to hold onto money
is smart to let it go

the very smartest thing you can be
is to tell yourself everyday that you are smart
or that’s the dumbest thing
(my processor gets confused)

point is that YOU don’t tell you
others don’t tell you (they always lie)
what tells a person they are smart?

pride takes the longer path
grace forgets the journey

the smartest person
will be the one who can figure out
what to google

and that is the most complex test
where all tests
only test
who wants the goal more

do you want it badly enough?
i was never

i just wanted it more
i google ten different ways
to find the answer
i keep going back
reform the question
until i get to something
that informs enough
to help

is that smart?
could say the smartest thing
is to google once and be done with it

so wanting something badly is not-smart?
yet those who want
the goal more
are most likely to get it….

how do we quantify getting as smart?


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