How likely are you to recommend this build of Windows 10 to a friend or colleague?

it’s looking better, am still not happy with touchpad driver support. i try using spartan but it fails to perform so end up going back to IE. initial load time for most apps from the store is inordinately long. the integration between “settings” and “control panel” has gotten better. the notification sounds are excellent.

unless drivers improve, need setting for intermediate user to disable auto-driver-install. also, update is buggy yet. says needs to restart and then install process remains at 0%. puts up a “restart now or will automatically restart at xx:xx pm” and then does not restart at that time, nor does it finish installing. so i interrupt my work and wait, and update does nothing. clicking on some notifications in notification window creates no result. if the notification is moot, needs to either be marked by system as completed, or a right-click response or something … anything. as is, makes it look like notification programming is broken or buggy. and makes the user rush to click on it when it comes up, which i know the time frame for that has been reduced. the combination of no response and quick notification window creates a kind of game. most users don’t want a game when they are trying to get some work done.

and that’s about it. i would like to see options for limiting auto-start programs return (real ones, not the bogus task manager UI). also we need a way to alert users when a program is installing “extras” like adobe flash tries to install mcaffee, java tries to install, etc. if somebody could figure out an answer to that, could save a lot of headaches for a lot of people. let those bottom fish die, it’s not worth the hassle. pay them directly to NOT add extra programming, lol.

so be well, and have a good launch.



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