mountains of molehills

The thing, or reason I like a “selfie” is that I have too many facial expressions, and a large percentage of them are not flattering! So the odds of someone else taking a picture of me that I like, are pretty slim. Over course of my life, maybe five pictures taken by others are close to acceptable. One of them I gave to my grandmother one time, and she said, “thank God a decent picture of you!”

So the reasons for the age of the selfie do not need to be that complicated. I believe too many read too much into it. The only reason the age of tech is the age of the selfie, is because we can.



8 Replies to “mountains of molehills”

        1. I’m a sucker for Q and A’s, depending upon who is being interviewed or the subject matter. I keep telling myself that someday I will ignore Q and A’s.

        2. i never did like the format. couldn’t say why. maybe in the future they will let readers pick which questions they want answered 🙂

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