circle ranch

you can’t do that
take a sentence that is mostly cliche
and copyright one sentence
as if a jewel
when odds are it has been said several times
in several copyrighted books
and your putting a little symbol of ownership
is proof against you
it means you are the one in copyright infringement
is like building your own noose
at that point might as well start putting up
one word
and copyrighting it
saying that is my word
others must pay me when they use it
see, now how much sense are you showing
do not have that kind of faith
in american courts and artistic rights
they have no legs
the courts….
it is a joke
a framework established to protect
ownership by corporations
on a level much different
than some lonely writer stating
” these are my words, you can’t have them! ”
i get that
i understand how that hope is there
but the courts you expect to uphold your hope
are not behind you
and instead can use your claim to prosecute you
because someone else said it first
with only one sentence of cliche
you are going to be bitten by your own brand
better to tatoo a copyright onto your own arse
so having said that
i copyright this writing in the name of Jesus Christ
may it live forever and make my name grand
or our name
or some name
oh heck, any name


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