over drops

as i listen to the rain
can tell you your heart means many things
quiet dignity
hope and caution
breathing deeply
i remember the times when i would not notice
framed in my own worries
i hear so much more than rain
i hear completion
happy or sad
achievement is level because has been made so
staring into the night
rain heard but not seen
i see memories and complex undertakings
now to relax and know
there is more to continuing onward
more to life and regrets only get a smile
as i hear the rain
and admit i’m only human, yet
human is many, many facets
of confusion
peace a treasure
as the world passes by
i am glad only to be consumed by sighs
feeling stunted
this world cannot express
i want to see your joy
bridge past every disappointment
because some deserve better
myself a nothing
a nothing listening to the rain
knowing i can only reach part
of soul’s
ancient flow

sometimes life sees tomorrow
sometimes tomorrow
doesn’t matter
lifting eyes to say a quiet prayer
so ends this day…
listening to rain
closer to the face of every love
i have ever known



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