incorrect pervasive characterization

that’s actually an interesting premise
that increased mental acuity
reduces propensity for empathetic reactive states

seems plausible enough
could also say intelligence
creates less pragmatism
and therefore
more emotional deliberation

is high emotional states
correlative to empathetic probability?
well cart before the horse
empathetic nature might lead
to higher emotive response

but does being smart necessarily
preclude higher emotional
and empathetic states?

maybe not
i think it is invalid
as a constructional premise
for character-building
in fiction

why is a person empathetic?
the application of models

what constructs kindness?
one would not say
lack of intelligence creates kindness

is intelligence even a variable?

empathy comes about
from …from what?
what makes a person empathetic

feeling part of the whole
yet exclusion doesn’t
necessarily create disassociation

well i don’t think higher intelligence
precludes an empathetic nature
might even be the opposite

interesting premise, though
agreed upon in many characterizations
the stone-cold scientist
displaying little to no concern for others
and missing the little things
in preference of a higher vision

yet within real life
have to say the smart people i’ve met
can relate
can put themselves in your shoes

might have more to do with communication acuity
those who communicate well
appear more empathetic

though i guess i’ve met those who talk a lot
and don’t give a fart for anyone else

if you gained 50 IQ points overnight
would you become heartless?
all our fiction says yes….
but i’m thinking


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