vivacious execution

ambivalent procrastination
circles of truer pride
guarded in precious
precious absolutism! the genuflection
of correct respite

construction of one soul denied
perfected trials but a reflection
of arbiters and unlimited
remember the first test
bastion of doubt
considered hopes on marking
pragmatic equalities
the moon the sun the ground
the sky! boon of lower targets
how great the fool?
no greater than honest wish
for like mind
enough to see and understand
accusation a love which simply
and fully turns

truest colors are this, that life
was sacrosanct and remains blustery
born on more than dead-lines
fully compact
(diamonds but not ore) answers entwine
character, only

who am i?
i am the one the whole while
who questioned what was wrong with
a system
that said i was wrong
you dare to judge your judge?
of course
yet how to show reversed inadequacies

disappointment, the one who will play the fool
to see how (this) conglomeration treats
with fools
the anything
determined where NOW merely flipped a switch
yet have not factored in
and so from no effort to all effort
the finished declaration
on salvage

what is bound to solitary verdicts?
there has to first be something good
to be judged

for what purpose is the rook?
only in a cheat, found
i have lost patience for predeterminations

but enough try in that
a wishful mimic will signify

content to never seek despair
death is most assuredly the end
man declared
and exhaled together, as a fallen faith
always does



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