i stepped in quicksand

a guy went off on me over an educational issue, how boys might do better in school if they could be more aggressive.  i don’t know why this blogger is flipping out…. but those who follow this blog just don’t let him get to you.  he is drunk or something, i don’t know.  he never flipped out on me before.  i don’t think he is part of the regular writing circles, anyway.  andy kaufman something or other.  now i will read a bit and go to sleep.  that was really a strange experience to have someone go ballistic over a discussion about school policy.  i don’t need these headaches…. you try to be nice and give your time to read a blogger and comment, only to be jumped on. 


10 Replies to “i stepped in quicksand”

      1. I’m not sure. I’ve only had to delete some questionable replies. I was thinking that perhaps the conversation/question/issue hit that person at a bad time…or a bad place at a bad time to get such a ugly reply.

        1. on this tonight it is weird, he tried to put a ping -back on my about page to a blog he titled calling me a troll. so is like he is trying to attack me. i just commented on a video he put up … was a discussion on education. after he called me nasty things, i did call him toxic and asked him to not visit my blog ever again.

    1. i have always had my blog set to approve comments before they are posted. i wish there was some way to “report” them as aggressive and inappropriate. only thing can do is mark them as spam.

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