for the human

beauty is an exponential ghost
to flit and fly and love yourself the most…
come understand these paths
where mind resides

in normal open task
all wonder hides

for day that’s full
though heart remains uncured
as better hearts and worlds are least inured
while fright
the bitter sum of somewhat blessed
does grasp a setting sun
at love’s behest

so do not ponder long
on faith and gain
a profit built from life
is profit, slain

and grace the movement only
of a waif
as youth that settles boldly
and partakes

of all the sundry melodies in stride
such wishing form of consequence derides
then strokes not beauty
nor the better fit
barring function by a life
least blamed, comfit

there was a feeling once, i understood
where center was a place of only good
the now is dusted lightly with a past
as futures only gain in exigency
… while it lasts

for to be
to do
is all one ever makes
and all must bow to time
for beauty’s sake

yet mind is where all highth remains the same
in better part of life and heart and pain

(i am a nothing, yet the all of me)

and what you see behind –within my eyes
is much more than facades, as body dies;

the soul is ever free….



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