to repeat myself…

author doesn’t know the difference between it’s and its?  time is an abstract concept created by man for the purpose of organizing meet or gathering.  and in another sense, for prediction.  like to decide on closeness of death.  time is a tool that man created.  we also created a bat for baseball.  but we don’t say the tree is shaped according to the bat, we say the bat is shaped liked a branch.  the origin of time is concept.  fact is that it rules many lives, due to social patterns.  but when considering the “nature ” of time, the only thing to consider is the nature of man.  clock itself was built with the exact same mechanism used to measure distance.  then man wows himself with correlative values in distance and time, which man himself created.  this article suggests that now is only what is now perceived.  but that is also incorrect.  variables exist that are not evident, and that make life the joyous bit of unpredictable flux that it is….


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