ring of brass

i don’t want to be effective
you can’t keep adding rules
speaking of rules
why do we unit
rules for the sake of fill

problem circles measure
feet inside yards inside miles
seconds inside minutes inside hours

a perceptual miasma
a trap
molding perception to
and outs
rather than stasis….

the problem is the dot dot dot
the measure

remove incremental nesting
and what do you have?

a day
a mile

parts of days
rather than lost insets of time
fractions of miles
rather than big and small

this is where existence erred.
created perceptual polychotomies
divergent understanding
good or bad?
it’s where history strayed

if 1/10th of a gallon of oil
lasted 1/52nd of a year

the lamps could compute
less deception could happen
minds would blaze so fast
the dawn would find no room for regret

the focus is on filling up
rather than dividing

which a unit divides
that’s what it does

the last bastion of sanity
an empty tower
a stick-less drum
a clothesline without clothes pins…

the only madness is that
measurement is designed
so the effects of measurement
were wanted…

by somebody

that part frightens me
like any trap
reduction examines the bars



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