conform or else

you know what they are going to do
what they will say
bright blond cackles

morning news loves shoving the type in your face…
so incredibly easy to trip up
all have to do is lay the traps
and wait…

and i’m seriously thinking
of not diffusing another single trap
the blond trophy wives…
the Mormon “everyone is ME”

oh it is the most sickening cloister
“Oh my Heck!”

that’s what they were saying
when i first came here almost 20 years ago…

had to explain to them
that “heck” was a substitute for “hell”
so instead of say “Oh my God!”
they were say “Oh my Hell!”
(praying to the Devil, are we?)
which is the opposite or rather
calling on Satan to help you…

fitting, in this God forsaken land
where idiot government workers
call you at 7:45 in the morning

and gladly chirp:
“i look forward to seeing you
you have a great day”

all these things
are all like the other

they go into a net together
over a cliff together

they are heartless, together



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