six and a half one …

so last night i got windows 10 loaded onto the thinkpad ok. now the thinkpad can think…

for the first time, windows loaded all the necessary drivers. i still had to replace the video and touchpad drivers—but still is nice to know that they don’t plan to leave the less-techy out in the electronical cold.

i feel feverish and achy this morning, like it’s never going to stop. wish i could replace MY operating system — but let’s face it: those drivers and circuits are so old that nothing is going to be a good fit.

all can do is pray that tenacity pays off. and that’s what i kind of hope for in bringing old hardware back to life with new software — a payoff for all that tenacity. for the years of service a machine gave while being gleefully bonded to a human.

you thought they don’t feel? i imagine they do. not to get creepy-weird about it or anything. but i do think each has its own personality and responds to different touches. kind of like how you have to learn that this car pulls to the right and don’t hit the breaks hard or you will wind up as a hood ornament.

you know, when think about it — people like me will say they like machines because there is a consistency of response. it isn’t like those crazy people things we call humans. but couldn’t be further from the truth, they are EXACTLY like humans. built by humans, what do we expect?

so i have high hopes now for the little old and run down machines. maybe Windows 10 is going to work on them, and my relentless badgering of Microsoft has paid off. i doubt it, btw — am sure it is all the machine. that it finally just gave up, and said “Fine! i will run your stupid software. but don’t expect me to be Cortana — i have dignity, you know!”

sometimes i think we “update” our software all the time. and it’s not about learning new things, it’s about new ways of learning. new ways of processing and going forward. i like to think we can do that, and change for the better. batteries wear out, but that happens to everything. thank god for amazon….


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