Monitor drivers for Dell and Lenovo in #Windows10

just updating on the poor video performance ….

From an other-wise-sane perspective

Even if the specs for an older machine are adequate and meet Windows 10 requirements, I am running into problems when comes to the graphics (video).

Starting from scratch, after wiping out the old Windows XP systems – it seems Windows is determined to install incorrect refresh rates. This makes the Windows 10 operating system almost unusable. Who wants a computer that can’t run video?

On the Lenovo Thinkpad, Windows installs a 50 Hertz refresh rate. normal refresh rates for generic monitors is 60 Hertz. On the Dell laptop, Windows ten installs the monitor at 64 Hertz refresh rate. In both cases, the incorrect refresh rates effectively prevent video from running without all kinds of stops and staggers.

Even after installing the correct ATI drivers to the IBM Thinkpad, it still settles on the 50 Hertz refresh rate. And the older version of MOM (Catalyst Control Center) does not give…

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