i find myself perplexed

religious freedom bills
do we really have to go through this?
you do know that Mormons
disallow coffee and alcohol
waitresses refusing to serve
Sunday off?
Islam likes to stone people
for some reason
any reason…
is that a freedom

what kind of lines are crossed
yet push is to fall right into this trap
(how many pawns will you lose?)
using something that is about RIGHTS
to justify further fight

though could see it coming
mile away
years ago saw this turn
pitting freedom against freedom

in some ultimate battle
where Mom can only say
you BOTH get a time out …
don’t care who started it
i’m ending it!

mostly i mourn the real
and necessary legislation set aside
the time taken for political antics
that could be spent doing something necessary
something GOOD

give us your tired
your poor …

but not on Sunday, no
we will be busy
brushing egos
looking for any way to demonstrate
that life is all about ME

but it’s not about YOU
it’s about what is actually right
versus what you think is right

at some point
will have to decide what acceptance means
will have to think a little harder
on how freedom is nothing without equality

you are barking up an empty tree
there is a time for everything
a time to weep, a time to laugh

don’t make me weep for YOUR religious freedom
because freedom is many things
used in many ways
but it isn’t this…

if you want freedom to hate
you have it!
but no there is a line and
what i can only call decorum
shall we have a freedom of bigotry bill?
what it is and was
Mormons went through that too, you know —
black man not worthy for priesthood
it was a given
that is how those times rolled

now are we going backwards,
or forwards folks?

EXCLUSION! how can that make sense when we are ALL citizens
we ALL have to work together
for what is right
my religion may not be your religion
who cares
because there are middle ways
and middle ground
you only ignore those paths
with red in your eyes


we ALL have to work together
for what is the better future for all

what does it mean to be homosexual?
for the most part
and so far… it means to be brave

and this IS the home of the brave
we take care of our own

we don’t leave a man behind
and we sure as shoot
don’t disguise discrimination as religious freedom

do we really have to go through this?



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