A Singe Gull Air I Tea

so that is how he does it
slow to speak and calm
calm as calm could ever be …
meanwhile driving ME up a wall

but that is how:
the lie of all lies…the voice
the poker face
how long does it take
to train all emotion out of
all communication?

i was expecting something like Tweak;
the character from South Park
whose parents own a Coffee Shop
instead it is like NO character you
will find on South Park
maybe closest to Mr. Rogers
that is what he was like

that is what Stomp was like
pacing back and forth up until 2am
going back and forth
out on the balcony and back in
to and fro
stomp stomp stomp like the
man waiting for a baby
he is the complete picture of chained anxiety

and spoke like everything was fine
like it was a wonderful day in the neighborhood!
why, everyone stays up until two in the morning!
pacing in cowboy boots while dropping barbells on the floor…

calm as the proverbial cucumber
yet i’m a wreck
and i think of how i wear emotion on my sleeve
how i’m transparent and maybe that is not
always the good thing like i thought it was…
you could do just about anything
and if your voice doesn’t betray you
if emotion just set aside
no one would object…you would be honored
celebrated as good!

See—the world today is afraid of robots
robots with minds
but they’re already here….



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